Technical-commercial sales

Do you like to focus on details?


As a commercial technical employee, you will first and foremost be responsible for supporting our technical-commercial colleagues.

You assist them in drawing up sales descriptions for the various export markets. You pass on the sales descriptions and changes to the employees of our engineering office who put together the production files. You compare sales and production descriptions and adjust these if necessary.

You organize the delivery of vehicles and receive clients. Gradually you learn about our products and their markets and you can develop more commercial freedom. Once you are fully involved, you are responsible for the prospecting and sale of the aforementioned vehicles.

You follow up the sales files from the prospecting up to and including the final delivery. You take part in fairs and / or events. You consult with our dealers in the different regions.

You have preferably obtained a Masters degree in a technical direction, and you have commercial ambitions within the transport sector. You are very adept at installing and supporting investment goods. Your commercial flair and language skills in Dutch, French, English and German make you a born negotiator.


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