Job application procedure

Step 1: apply

Applying for MOL-ITK is easily done through this site. Find the vacancy that suits you and click on the 'apply' button. Trough the form you can send us your resume and motivational letter. Convince us why you are the right candidate for the job.

Step 2: assessment

After we have received your candidacy and evaluated it positively, we put down an appointment for a first exploratory interview. In case your training and / or your experience do not match our predetermined selection criteria, we will inform you accordingly.

Step 3: personal acquaintance

During the introduction we try to get a good impression of you as a person and your capacities. We check whether there is a click between us and whether you fit with us. Are you the new colleague we are looking for? Of course this is two-way traffic and so the opposite applies to you. Do you see yourself walking around at MOL-ITK and would you like to work with us? Does the function match what you are looking for? You will also have the opportunity to ask us questions about the position and how it is to work at MOL-ITK. Depending on the vacancy you are applying for, this first interview may be accompanied by a technical test.

Step 4: follow-up interview (not for all vacancies)

If we look back positively on our first meeting, we ask you to come back again for a follow-up meeting. During this second interview we will go deeper into the content of the function. What exactly do we expect from you? Does this match your expectations about the job? Are you actually the right person for the job? During this follow-up interview you will visit your future work environment and speak to your future manager(s) and colleagues. For higher positions it is possible that we propose an assessment. In such a case, we try to formulate as complete a picture as possible of you through personality questionnaires and a number of psychotechnical tests. The test results in combination with the findings during the interviews form the basis for our decision whether or not to proceed with your candidacy.

Step 5: contract proposal

If we are still so enthusiastic after the second meeting, we would like to make you an offer to work with us. In this offer the employment conditions are set out and an appropriate salary is offered. Do you agree with our proposal? Then we can officially call you our colleague after signing. Welcome to MOL-ITK!