Working at MOL

We are continuously looking for professionals dedicated to both personal development as well as the growth of our company. We have various vacancies in various fields and levels of work, from production up to management positions: project management, work preparation, engineering, purchasing, sales, logistics, quality, automation, maintenance and production professionals (in the field of machining, mechatronics, electrical, welding, steel metal, operators, assembly)

Feel like joining our team?

Great! We can already promise you that with us you will....

...find variety in products, services and career.

Because of the variety of products and services within MOL-ITK you can gain a lot of experience.

This can happen both in width (by working in various fields) and in depth (by specialising in a particular field). with state-of-the-art technology.

You will work with the latest machines and techniques in your field. In this way, products and production processes are continuously improved.

...develop and build from A to Z.

The combination of development and production under the same roof make it possible for you to immediately see the results of what you and your colleagues have come up with.

...develop your skills.

We offer you training courses to stay up to date professionally and increase your knowledge and skills.

...continu to grow.

Because of the high degree of independence you have at MOL-ITK, you are able to work on your own personal developmentand career opportunities internationally active.

MOL-ITK exports many of its products. That way you will not only work in a internationally noted company, but will also gain many international contacts.

...end up in a no-nonsense family culture.

MOL-ITK is a West Flemish family business with two feet on the ground. Rolling up the sleeves, working hard and daring to take on a challenge are characteristics that belong to the no-nonsense culture of MOL-ITK. All this within an open, direct and informal working atmosphere.

...get a stable employer.

MOL-ITK offers financial security in a healthy and strong organisation with a high level of job security.

Stories from in the workplace

It is pleasant working at MOL. The combination of the varied content of my work and the working atmosphere ensures that my days are always a bit different. This keeps my job interesting.

I was raised in French and my Dutch needs to be refined, but my colleagues do not have a problem with that. We understand each other well and they also help me to become stronger in Dutch bit by bit. You get opportunities here to grow as a person, not just technically.

Mohammed Dehmej - in service since 2018 - electrician

After working in an insurance office for several years, I started working at MOL. Working here can be combined perfectly with my family life. With a daughter of just under two years it is sometimes still an exercise but my colleagues keep that in mind.

My job is very varied in terms of content and I still learn every day. I get the opportunity to work independently but in need I can always fall back on my team. The support and mentality that prevails here ensures that I begin my work day motivated again and again.

Kim Biesbrouck - in service since 2018 - aftersales