Are you looking for an internschip, a subject for your bacherlor- or masters thesis or a student job in line with your technical background?

Internship / bachelor / master

Interested in getting to know MOL-ITK in a thorough way by means of an internship or a bachelor or master thesis? We are ready to welcome you and your ideas!

Leave your details, interests and availabilities and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Because of our high-tech production environment and constantly innovating R&D department, we are in particular looking for students who want to dive into and get stuck in a technical project. We have possibilities in the areas of production, mechanics, electronics, mechatronics or a combination of multiple aspects. When it come production the projects often revolve around optimizing a particular production process.

    Our advantages for students

    •     You end up in a high-tech environment where you will learn many new things and insights.
    •     You will receive guidance from an expert in the field with whom you are in daily contact for consultation.
    •     Your responsibility goes quite far: students can independently explore a specific sub-aspect of a larger project.
    •     We always strive for a concrete realization of the findings from the project within the term of the internship or bachelor / master's thesis.
    •     We have endless possibilities for technical talent, so the chances are that after your internship or bachelor / master thesis you can come to us for permanent employment.

    Depending on the project or the challenge you are looking for, you can contact Mol and ITK .

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    Student job

    Are you a student (+17 year) with a technical background en would you like to gain experience in our high-tech environment.

    Then we have the perfect student job for you!

    Contact us, let us know what job you are looking for and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    I got a lot of freedom to determine my learning goals.

    Arne - student technical education