Who is MOL

MOL is ...

one of the leading full-range manufacturers of special vehicles for a niche market.

The trucks, trailers and refuse collection vehicles that we produce are daily used in very specific applications.

Our customers value our reliability and flexibility in offering tailored transport solutions even in the face of difficult challenges. Our vehicles excel with their technical quality and sustainable production methods.


At MOL ...

we play a pioneering role when it comes to the technologies we use and the quality of our production in the construction of special vehicles.

Our company is one of the few who manufacture everything 100% in-house, from the drawing board to the finished vehicle. As a result, we can deliver a impeccable level of manufacturing and effective quality and process controls.

The excellent facilities in our production space of 70,000 m² form the foundation for unique and high-quality products.

We invest consistently and sustainably in our infrastructure and our employees to maintain and improve our characteristic level of quality.

MOL Builds...

Everything we build is unique. Any time a customer comes along in search of a solution, we develop whatever they need for their specific problem or question. Because we make everything in house it is easy to adjust things to comply to the customers needs.

Refuse vehicles

Our refuse vehicles at MOL are built under the brand name VDK.

With an extensive range of refuse trucks for household waste, bulky waste, underground containers and glass, VDK offers ecoclogical and economic solutions for waste collection. The truck is delivered to us in a chassis-cab version. The superstructure (container, press mechanism and container loading system) is developed and built at MOL.


The three-wheeled cart with which it al started at MOL has grown into the construction of semi-trailers and trailers for road transport. These trailers have different intended tasks: construction, waste and recycling sectors.

Sometimes trailers are also built to be combined with a special truck. The tailor-made trailers are adjusted to fit the most diverse requirements and applications.

Special trucks

Customization is our special power. Grown from the conversion of military vehicles shortly after WW II, to this day we build:

  • Off-road trucks and trailers for use in extreme conditions such as moving derricks in the desert.
  • Terminal and RoRo tractors for moving trailers quickly in port areas, distribution and transfer centers.
  • Shunting vehicles that can run on rail and on the road and are used for moving wagons within industrial companies, ports and workshops of railway companies.

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